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The owner of this site does NOT control licensing for the show.


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The musical “METROPOLIS” by Joe Brooks and Dusty Hughes is based on Fritz Lang's classic science fiction film from 1928. It ran in London for less than a year in 1989. Other shows overshadowed it and ambitious technical effects broke down and interrupted performances.


Even though the show didn't last long it attracted a loyal following. Now 30 years later the show has fans all over the world.


Scripts and scores were never printed. For years composer Joe Brooks handled the licensing for “METROPOLIS” on his own without a publisher. Through him the show was produced by numerous theatre groups in the U.S. and England.


Since the death of Brooks in 2011 there hasn't been a way to secure performance rights. Scripts and scores have remained unavailable.


All that is changing.  Here is how.

In 2002 Joe Brooks and I, Randy Bowser, collaborated on a production of “METROPOLIS” at Pentacle Theatre in Oregon. Brooks put his own money into the backing tracks used in that production. The show was a huge hit.


Over the years many groups wanting to do the show have contacted me. But since 2011 I haven't been able to point them in the right direction.  It is a mystery who controls the rights for "METROPOLIS."


An agency in Europe which handles the rights to Fritz Lang's films claims the right to not allow any productions of the musical, but that claim is specious. The show was revived in London in 2017 without any interference from that agency in Europe, so any other new productions cannot be legally controlled by this agency either.


How did the London group, All Star Productions and other groups manage to do the show with any licensing entity remaining unknown?


They just went ahead and did it. They put together scripts and scores and got their productions up on the stage.


That has inspired me. I've brushed up my materials from the 2002 production and now make this announcement...

Composer Joseph Brooks and director Randy Bowser
Randy Bowser and Joe Brooks 2002


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Metropolis the musical at Pentacle Theatre

Using the soundtrack Joe Brooks supervised your group can produce “METROPOLIS” with even a modest budget.  


And you can get the show on without legal worries. Read on!


Here is your plan of action:


  1. Put the show on your season.

  2. Add royalties of between $1,000 and $3,000 to your budget.

  3. Use the script and vocal scores listed below and rent the Brooks/Bowser soundtrack.

  4. Publicize your production and give it an internet presence.

  5. Pay royalties when and if the copyright owner contacts you.

  6. Proceed with your production even if you aren't contacted.

The Brooks Estate seems to be in disarray. They may not be aware of the potential revenue “METROPOLIS” could bring in. But logic dictates they would prefer to collect fees rather than halt productions. That's why this backwards way of getting permission to do the show will work.


If nobody representing the show contacts you then you simply don't pay royalties. You will have tried. Your “METROPOLIS” will still get up on your stage.


Here are the details.


When you license the soundtrack all of the following materials will be electronically delivered to you.




  • Accurate 70 page script with helpful directions, and all sound cues precisely marked. CLICK blue icon for script sample.


  • Beautiful, accurate and easy to read.  Produced in Sibelius notation software. CLICK red icon for score sample.

  • The dynamic, multi-layered, full sounding tracks used in the Pentacle production.  Accurate renditions of the music as heard in the London Original Cast Album.

  • Take a listen to the 10 samples in the player.  You will hear for yourself that your production of "METROPOLIS" will be more than half the way there with your cast backed up with these audio files.

Vocal scores


  • The high quality .wav files are triggered by computer with theater sound programs such as the free Multi-Play.

Licensing schedule

The soundtrack (47 cues: 38 songs, underscoring, control voices and sound effects) is licensed for $100 per performance for a minimum of 5 shows. Script and scores are included. A signed contract and non-refundable deposit of one half the full amount due must be submitted before rehearsals begin.  The remainder must be paid no later than 2 weeks before opening.


Use this contact form so we can talk about your production of METROPOLIS!

Live performance demo

Watch the video to see for yourself how dynamically the tracks work in performance.


Clips are from the 2002 Pentacle Theatre production.


Featured performers:


  • Kara Quello as Maria

  • Jeff Baer as Steven

  • Tim Smith as Freeman


Alternately - send direct email to

Detail from the set of "Metropolis" at Pentacle Theatre
slide show - "METROPOLIS" - 2002
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Thank you - we'll talk soon!

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